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Every now then customers send me pictures of their collections, and I will post them here. If you have some Crawford knife/Survival Staff™ pictures you would like to send to me I will be glad to post them to this page. No names will be use and no names shared anywhere else. Thanks, Pat

This is a very nice collection of 11 Kasper folders.

This is a Dog Bone Handle bowie from 1976. The 440c blade is 12 inches long, the handle is stag horn, and the fittings are nickel.

 1. Battle Dirk – This awesome blade combines the strength and slashing power of the spear point with the thrusting superiority of the stiletto. Marked #8 (no date) the distinct styling, file work all around the tapered tang and script Crawford etched on the blade leaves no doubt about its maker. Nickel silver guard and sub-hilt, red spacers and stag handle material are all icing on the cake. Original Crawford leather sheath is immediately above.

2. Push Dagger - Marked 1979, #181. The handle is solid brass and the blade is polished to a mirror finish. The original brown leather sheath is fitted with a clip. 

3. Thunder Strike Combat Boot Knife – This beautiful knife was likely made in the early 1980's. The script Crawford is etched on the 4” x 5/8” double hollow ground and highly polished blade that is sharpened along the entire top edge. Handle material is Oosic that rests on red spacers and elaborate file work all around the tapered tang. The original leather sheath is fitted with a clip.

4. Battle Bowie – Another awesome sub-hilt fighter marked #42, 1980. A more traditional Bowie shaped fighter on the largest practical scale. This knife maintains the cutting capacity of the Battle Dirk with the sharpened top edge and keeps the point in line with the handle to delivery accuracy in thrusting. Detailed file work appears all around the tapered tang, and red spacers highlight the beautiful stag handle material. Original Crawford sheath is immediately above.

5. Credit Card Karambit – Black titanium with script Crawford etched on the side.

6. Film-Flam Folder – Awesome and unique! This knife is marked #13 and has the script Crawford etched on the blade. This non-typical folder is strong and practical when in use. The stiletto blade is not activated mechanically, but depends on physical manipulation for both opening and closing. Beautiful file work is found all around the frame, while nickel silver bolsters, stag handle material and a black spacer at the back of the frame complement this classic design.

7. Double Edge Boot Knife – Marked #56, 1979, this magnificent piece is larger than its Oosic-handled friend seen above. The script Crawford appears on the highly polished 4” x 3/4” double hollow ground blade with sharpened leading top edge. Not only is there file work all around the full tapered tang with black spacers, but the Sambar Stag handle is matched with a Sambar Stag sheath! WOW!

8. Marauder Combat Bowie - An early fighting knife, marked 1976, #10. The rosewood handle has red/brown spacers, and the tang has file work and brass protrusions for grip and appearance. The modified Bowie shaped 7” blade has a sharpened top edge. “Crawford” is stamped at the base of the blade.

9. Fighting French Folder – Bold red spacers are matched to the handsome stag handle material that has both a thumb and index finger notch. The famous Crawford locking system is employed on this beauty when fully opened by using one of the dual thumb studs. Script Crawford is etched on the side of the hollow-ground folding blade.

10. Large Donnybrook Folder – This beautiful lock back folder is marked #23 and has script Crawford etched on the side of the very highly polished hollow ground 440C stainless steel blade. Both the liners and bolsters are nickel silver, and the stag handles ride on red spacers. Beautiful design and expertly made in the early 1980’s.

11. Kasper Flipper Folder – This newer Crawford folder is especially interesting in that the titanium liner lock and pocket clip are designed for a left hander to use! Beautiful file work is all around the frame and back spacer, and engine turning is seen on the pocket clip and on the entire inside of the titanium frame! Damascus bolsters and carbon fiber handle material complements the thick, beefy S30V stainless steel flipper blade.

12. Key Chain Cutter – Looks like a bear claw! Bead blasted finish and script Crawford on the blade. Original Crawford sheath is immediately above.

13. Double Edge Boot Knife (later known as the Raider Attack Combat Boot Knife) – An exceptional double edge boot knife marked #41, 1978. The full tapered tang has file work all around and is complemented by the nickel silver guard. Red spacers highlight the beautiful stag handle material. “Crawford” is stamped at the base of the 4” x 1” double hollow ground blade. The original leather sheath is fitted with a clip.

14. Devil Dart – This 440C stainless steel dart has a bead blasted finish and a triangle shaped blade for strength and ease of penetration. The handle is knurled for sure grip. The original brown leather sheath is fitted with a clip.

Top to bottom:

 1. Devil Dart - judging by the original brown leather sheath I'd guess mid-1990's?

2. Push Dagger - marked 1979, #181 with original brown leather sheath.

3. an early fighting knife - marked 1976, #10. The rosewood handle has brass protrusions for grip/appearance.

4. Sub-Hilt fighter - a beauty! Marked #42, 1980. Original sheath is vertical on left.

5. Double Edge Boot Knife - marked #41, 1978 with original leather sheath.

6. Thunder Strike Boot Knife - with original leather sheath. The handle material is Oosic, and likely made in the early 1980's.


This is a very nice collection of high quality Crawford Folders with a variety of unusual handle materials and different Damascus. Thanks for the Pictures.

These are some older large fighters, 1970's & 80's, the boot knives are from the same time period. The two folders are from the late 1980's (I think) and both are rare.

A very early Throwing Devil Dart. Mid 1980's.


Subject: Equalizer and Kasper

 Mr. Crawford,

 I wanted to let you know that the knives arrived.  They are both  fantastic!  Exactly what I was hoping to get for my son.  Your advice  on which weapons to purchase was invaluable.  I know that his  "Crawford's" will serve him well as he sees deployments around the world. Additionally, I wanted to mention that your website is  outstanding...each knife that I received is exactly what is  represented on the site.

Also...wanted to thank you so much for the special leather belt loop.   It is super high quality and was a totally unexpected addition to an  already outstanding product.  Thank you so much for your generosity. Again, thank you for all your time talking to me and helping me with  my purchase.  Add me to the list of happy Crawford customers.

Greetings Crawford Family -

I just wanted to follow up with 2 quick pictures of my "Crawford Knife Collection" (1 with the full sized Kaspers and the other with the mini's and other smaller blades) as promised.  I have them in secure glass displays in my Office so I can view and appreciate the "artwork" you have created.


Thank you and looking forward to the next "must have."

***WOW!  This customer has a great collection! Thank you!


The Survival Staff™ as modified by a grateful, long-time customer, to fit in his backpack while on a trip.



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