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Survival Gear in the Handle

$800 SOLD

This is a really cool Survival Bowie.  Wes made this after Janie and Christy got hooked on the AMC television show "The Walking Dead" a few months ago. 

The knife is one solid piece of 1/4" stock 440C steel with a tough tungsten DLC black finish.  The removable handle covers are made of blue and black G10.   It holds survival gear shown below. He made it 14" long overall with an 8" blade.  It weighs 1 lb 14 oz in the sheath and 1 lb 4 oz out of the sheath.

Survival accessories inside the handle include waterproof matches with a striker, fire steel (striker on para cord), fishing line, three fish hooks, two weights for fishing line, and a fish jig.  Just take the fire steel striker on the lanyard (or flathead screwdriver) to unscrew the handle easily.  A compass is also attached to the lanyard.   

This little handle space actually holds quite a bit of gear. You could definitely have fish for supper.

Notice the wedge at the end of the knife for prying something open or other use you may need.

Nice blood groove on the top of the black DLC finished blade.  

Extra para cord on the top of the kydex sheath. Slots cut in sheath for tie down use.

View of the bottom of the handle.  Nice thumb ramp for good grip.

Leather belt loop on kydex sheath.  Leather strap with snap to hold the knife securely in the sheath.  Wes wears the knife on his belt with the para cord, compass and striker tucked into the leather strap to keep it out of the way (shown below).

The Crawford Survival Bowie is a great self-defense tool with a prying edge, compass, fire starter, para cord and fishing gear. This Survival Bowie would go great with Rick's Python, Daryl's crossbow or you! 


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