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October 6, 1994 - October 14, 2012

By Cody's parents, Wes & Janie Crawford

John Cody Crawford with
girlfriend, Caitlyn (KK) Bailey


Our son, John Cody Crawford, 18, of West Memphis, Arkansas, born October 6, 1994, passed away Sunday, October 14, 2012, around 1:00 a.m., from a massive heart attack at his home in West Memphis.  It happened so quickly that we are thankful to say we don't think Cody suffered.  He had been seeing a cardiologist for a skipping heartbeat for 3 1/2 years prior, but we realized after his death the skipping heartbeat was a symptom of a much more severe problem with his heart that had not been detected before.

Cody was a senior at West Memphis Christian High School, and a graduate of St. Michael’s Catholic School. He was a member of the Crittenden County Saddle Club, and attended various churches, the last being First Baptist Church of Marion, AR. Cody was an avid hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman. He especially loved driving his silver 4 wheel drive Chevrolet pickup truck with mud tires and hanging out with his girlfriend, Caitlyn (KK) Bailey.  He was enjoying riding his horse, Rudy, competing in the Western Pleasure event at the CCSC Horse Shows and riding bareback with Caitlyn on her horse, Jeeter. 
One of his favorite songs he mentioned about a week before he passed was "That's What I Love About Sunday" by Craig Morgan.  Cody loved going mudding in his truck with his other friends and their trucks. 

Here are some quotes from friends written in letters and read aloud at his funeral:

"I'll really miss my best buddy, Cody, as well as everyone else that was his friend, family, or even just knew of him will. Cody and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. We hung out more and more as we got older and believe me, I enjoyed every moment of it whether it be me learning how to paddle a kayak or making his famous deer jerky with him. He always put a smile on my face. Cody and I always went to my grandpa's lake to go fishing every time we could. He would always call me up on the weekend and say, "Do you want to go fishing?" It made me smile whether I could or couldn't just because he called. Cody and I always had each other's back - no matter what he would always call me up and talk about good and bad news. Of course, everyone knows he mostly talked about that silver Z71. He talked about his girlfriend Caitlyn all the time. He told me how much he loves her and how much he wanted to be with her. Really, Cody was the greatest person you could ever have for a friend. Mr. Wes and Mrs. Janie did a wonderful job raising John Cody Crawford. In December, Kelsey and I will be welcoming William Cody Bailey into the world.  (By Jonathan Bailey, Oct. 16, 2012)

Jonathan in the middle of Wes and Cody, kayaking Spring River

 "Probably my best memory of Cody was one night when he was muddin doing donuts with his windows down.  He was hanging out of it and he threw it in 4 wheel drive and swallowed a mud clump.  He was getting sick out the window and was still cutting it-true redneck right there.  He was always giving me crap about the ole Ford.  We always tried to see whose truck would run longer before it broke down.  Some how that Chevy managed to run just a little longer and I never heard the end of it.  It was like clock work every time he saw me.  I knew them Ford jokes were coming. I always knew my truck was worse, but I wasn't gonna let him know that.   He always had better comebacks - he got me every time!"

"The memory I have of Cody was racking his pipes and riding the curb.  If he saw me on the road he would always hammer down on it. I told him one time that my truck sat so low that his pipe was in my window.  He said, cool, wanna here 'em again?"

"Cody was the kind of kid that everyone should get a chance to know, as JW said today, he wasn't 1 in a million, he was 1 in 7 billion.  His smile was infectious, his laugh was unforgettable, his stories hilarious.  He will be missed greatly, but we will see him again.  A week before he died as we mourned Mrs. Swain's passing, Cody told me if he ever died he wanted everyone to throw a party for him.  He never bothered anyone, he was a hell of a kid.  He was my brother.  We weren't close outside of school but if I ever needed him, he would have walked through hell on Sunday to help me.  We will see him again." 

"Cody, man you were a character.  From eating lunch and hanging out with you after school you always had a big smile on your face.  You would give anybody a dollar if that was your last one, and sit at the house and work on your truck.  They always said it didn't matter what you did to that truck, even changing a headlight would give you 5 more horsepower.  Your going to be missed bud." 

"Cody, it's me Patrick.  I'm gonna miss you bro.  I'll never forget the memories we had at work (Colton's Steakhouse).  Them clothes hangers on that right pipe.  All the stories and sounds you made.  Bud, you were one of my best friends.  I'll miss you bud.  Ride The Curb John Cody Crawford."

"I remember one night Cody pulled into Walgreens parking lot and I see he has a 12 volt fan duct taped to a 2 x 4.  I asked why he had the fan like that and he responded saying his A/C went out so he needed something to keep him cool.  That's what I call redneck ingenuity."

"Cody, man I'm going to miss you.  Your stories always made me laugh.  I always will remember you.  You were a brother to me.  You were always a good friend to me.  I'm glad that I got to be your friend.  Ride The Curb Cody!"

"Cody, it seemed like every time I talked to you, you had something to smile about.  You never let people's words hurt you (it seemed), it just rolled off.  I realize now that I should learn to do that too.  Life would surely be easier.  Thanks for the life lesson, and may you rest in peace."

"Cody was one of a kind.  He never was sad when we saw him, and had a constant smile on his face.  He had a passion for hunting, fishing and making knives, but I believe, most importantly, his truck.  The impact he made was huge, and it is seen clearly today by all of those who send their comfort to the friends and his family who were so close to him.  We never know when our days are up, so we must live everyday for the Lord.  God promises to bring the comfort and peace we need to make it through.  To the family - don't lose heart! Always hope in the Lord and seek Him daily.  He will be your strength"

"So many good things could be said about Cody Crawford.  I have too many memories of him to list.  He was always smiling and happy.  Cody never put anyone down, unless he was joking.  He was always telling jokes or stories.  You knew it was a good story if Cody started telling it.  He could always put a smile on someone's face.  Cody will be missed by many."

"Me and Cody weren't really as close as I wish we would have been.  He was a great guy that always brought a smile to everyone's face.  He was always joking around when people were in bad moods to try to cheer them up.  Cody was one of those guys who was never in a bad mood or upset at anyone.  He will never be replaced because it isn't possible.  We love and miss you Cody."

"Cody was a nice kid and classmate.  He always made me laugh.  We joke around in class and he would always say something that would have the whole class laughing.  I didn't know him as well as others but I do know he was a great guy and he will be greatly missed.  He left the Earth too quick, but he is in a much better place in Heaven."

"One time me and Cody went shooting guns and went and got my truck stuck for like 3 hours before I got pulled out.  He looked at me and said man I told you not to hit it."

"My favorite memory of Cody would have to be this summer.  We were never really that close and we had a party just for seniors at Horseshoe Lake. Cody and I sat on the porch swing for almost an hour just talking.  He told me what he was planning to do with the rest of his life.  He had it all planned out.  When I think of this time I had with Cody and how in that moment we had no worries or regrets, I feel ... peace.  I feel content in knowing he was happy.  Now when I think about Cody I try to remember that moment and how happy he was.  Cody was not only my classmate, he was my friend, my brother! I will always be thankful for knowing him.  I love you Cody.  Ride the Curb."

"Cody, you were one of the happiest people I know.  Your crazy stories and laugh will always be stuck in my head.  I miss talking about hunting up in the hills with you.  Every time I go up there I'll be thinking about you and all the times we talked about deer hunting.  You were the truest of friends."

"From the first time you had the opportunity to meet Cody, you were immediately hit with a huge, infectious smile.  In fact, his cheeks must have been sore from smiling so much everyday.  If you ever wanted to get a good laugh to cheer you up, or brighten your day, Cody was your guy.  Whether he meant to or not, he always made everyone around him laugh.  Every single day after school, you could guarantee to hear those pipes rev up and he'd hammer 'em until he was home (while riding the curb, of course).  Sure, plenty of guys have loud pipes on their trucks that they like to fire up and show off after school, but there will always be that empty spot where those pipes would roar, along with AC/DC everyday.  Cody had a much larger impact on our school, class, and community that he could have ever imagined.  Our class has been together through a lot.  We've always been somewhat close, but now we're truly one big family.  I think we could all learn something from how Cody lived his life, and also, we would like to thank his parents for raising one heck of a guy...and a great friend."

"I only rode with Cody twice to lunch.  One time was just normal.  The other one, not so much. We went to get a pizza.  He said his window was broken and couldn't get out of his side so I went in and got it myself.  In Spanish class, one day Rob wasn't there (Rob is good at Spanish).  He was pulling stuff out of his butt and getting stuff right.  Probably the funniest day in Spanish."

An email quote from Cody's teacher, Mrs. Swain, several years ago (she passed away 2 weeks before Cody did):

April 12, 2010

"Mr. and Mrs. Crawford,
Cody came to school today with a knife in each boot. I know that he is an outdoorsman and has no intention of harming anyone, but he can't bring knives to school. I didn't write him up, but please make sure he knows that he can't come to school with knives anymore.

Cody is a very good young man, and that doesn't happen all by itself. It takes dedicated parents to raise kids right, and I can tell that you two have done well. That doesn't mean the kids never make mistakes--they all do. But you can tell the kids who have been taught respect and obedience, and Cody has always been one to behave well and to have a good personality and a good attitude, too.  Thank you, Mrs. Swain"

Cody was the best kid (young man) you could ever know or ask for. He earned that description  with his Christ-like ways.  He was proud to be drug, alcohol and smoke free.  He was a friend to so many (people from around the world he got to know over the years at knife shows, and many friends at home from West Memphis Christian High School, Marion High School and West Memphis High School as well as many family friends). He loved his family and told us he loved us about a dozen or more times every single day. He did not take life for granted and made the most out of each day he was here.  He traveled a lot around the USA, including Washington D.C., Florida and Colorado with his grandpa Pat. He was always eager to go to our cabin in Hardy, Arkansas and kayak/fish the Spring River as well as hunt for deer (and spiders, snakes, lizards or whatever he could find).  He was kind, thoughtful, handsome, very smart, and simply an angel here on earth.  He was a very happy person all of his life and everyone has always commented on his infectious smile that he wore almost constantly.  He rarely complained about anything and was always a big help to us.  Most days you would see him wearing his "Full Draw" cap, blue jeans, cowboy belt with belt buckle, a t-shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, his cowboy boots, his duck call necklace and his polarized fishing sunglasses.  Cody worked in the shop making knives with his dad, Wes and grandpa, Pat.  He was in the process of making a few knives for the whole family's upcoming November, 2012 trip to New York City and the New York Classic Knife Show being held in Jersey City, New Jersey, which of course we canceled.  Cody was planning to attend Arkansas State University at Jonesboro, Arkansas in the fall of 2013 to take business management classes.  He really wanted to work outdoors more than anything. 

Cody believed in God very strongly. He tried to live the life that he thought God and Jesus would be proud of and yes, Cody, there is no doubt that you accomplished that.  We think you were such a good person that God felt you had done your job on this earth well and needed you to come home to Him to do other work.  Our hearts are broken and you will be missed every second from now on, dearly.  Life is not the same and never will be without you.  We said to each other, all the time, "how did we get so lucky to bring two great kids into our life, a boy and a girl, and be blessed to be so happy and healthy?"  We had time to spend with our kids and made the most of it.  Then, after being so lucky and happy for 19 years, it was over in the blink of an eye.  Cody, we know you want us to stay strong for Christy.  You wanted a baby sister when you were 8.  Fortunately, God gave you one.  You loved her so much since the day you saw her on the ultrasound in the doctor's office.  We will take care of her.  We know you are watching over us all.

Cody is survived by his loving and devoted parents Wesley and Janie Crawford; his sister, Christy Crawford; his half brother, Zane Smith; paternal grandfather, Pat Crawford; paternal grandmother, Aloma Owens; girlfriend he loved with all his heart, Caitlyn (KK) Bailey; great grandmother, Inola Smith; great aunt, Connie Masner and family; great uncle, Danny Byrd & family; uncle Patrick Harlow of Paragould, Arkansas; cousin Heather Harlow of Ash Flat, Arkansas; cousins, Gina Seaton Manejwala, Jonathan Seaton and Garrett Seaton of Memphis and Mack Seaton of Marion; cousins, Tra and Morgan Dickson and family of Marion; great uncle, aunt and cousins, Fred & Sarah Austin, Vance & Lisa Austin and Jason and Dana Austin, all of Blytheville, Arkansas; great uncle & wife, Johnny & Marie Crawford of Arrington, Tennessee;  cousin, Lisa & Jeff Rich & family of Murphreesboro, Tennessee; cousin, Shea Powers of Tampa, Florida; and uncle, Patrick Crawford, of San Diego, California.

Visitation was held at Roller-Citizens Funeral Home on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 from 6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. Services were held on Thursday, October 18, 2012 at Missouri Street Church of Christ at 10:00 A.M.  Interment followed at Crittenden Memorial Park in Marion, Arkansas.  Cody, (18), is buried surrounded by his loving family:  maternal grandfather, John Byrd (22); Great Grandmother, Julia Byrd Stark; maternal grandmother, Vickie Smith Byrd Harlow; Aunt, Lisa Michele Byrd Harlow (19), maternal Great Uncle, Bentley Williams; maternal Great Grandfather, Burl Smith; and maternal Great Great grandparents, Don & Zula Smith. 

Thank you for the donations made in Cody's honor to a Scholarship Fund at Fidelity Bank, West Memphis, Arkansas, for his sister Christy Crawford’s future college education.  The reason we set up the fund is Cody confided to some friends at high school that he wanted to open a college savings account for his sister and start saving his own money to insure she would have a college education too.  His grandpa was going to pay his so he was thinking of her.  That is the kind of loving brother he always was.  He was 8 years older than Christy.  He drove Christy to school in the mornings just because he wanted to and told her he loved her before she got out of his truck every time.  He would rev up his engine (he had loud pipes) to his former St. Michael's teachers and smile and wave.  He was a protective brother and he had even started thinking about qualities a guy would need to be good enough to marry her one day!

Pallbearers were friends; Jonathan Bailey, Dalton Graham, Justin Henson, cousin Tra Dickson, Chandler Astin and John Tyler Goldy.  Honorary Pallbearers were cousins Jonathan and Garrett Seaton and the West Memphis Christian High School Class of 2013.

Cody's headstone and bench at the cemetery.
"The Best Son, Brother and Friend
Cody loved life
as much as God
We love you
so much"


Bought by Rod Bremer of CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool)

Rod wrote: "While I treasured these knives that Cody made and the memories I have of bartering with him for them, they should be with you.  I hope having them come home will bring you smiles.  I've certainly enjoyed them over the years.  They had a special place in my home office.  My Very Best, Rod"





NEXT KNIFE BELOW:  This was the last knife Cody made & it was made for our close friend Bobby Farmer in trade for a duck mount just before he passed.  Bobby gave the knife back to us to keep.

Cody engraved it "C. Crawford"

Cody working on a knife

Cody with knives he made for a knife show

A piece of an article "Unsheathed" by Steve Shackleford, Blade Magazine, June, 2013, page 10:



Cody and KK on Valentines Day, 2012
He was so in love he couldn't stop grinning!
He told mom this was his favorite picture.


 Cody's last "first" day of school, Senior 8-10-12

Cody saddling up at the Horse Show, Summer 2012

Cody's tall cowboy boots
 {Grandma Aloma bought them for him in 2012 at
Pete's Town - Western Store, Jonesboro, AR)

Cody, Senior picture, Sept. 2012

Cody's Reading Bench at WMCS
dedicated in prayer on October 15, 2015
during 7th grade Chapel

from left: Kristen Parnell, Wes, Janie, Tyler Goldy,
Christy, Baylee Newcomb and Chandler Astin
Tyler, Baylee and Chandler representing Class of 2013

Memorial Bench dedication by Angela Gossett (in pink)

Crowd led in prayer by Mark Seale of Missouri Street
Church of Christ (Cody's Class of 2013 friend, J.W. Seale's, father)
pictured with Angela Gossett

Wes and Chandler
Chandler talked to the crowd about Cody & shared memories of him

Cheerleader Christy, 7th grade
Granite Memorial Bench made by McHaney Monuments of
Blytheville, Arkansas and installed by Robert Whitener on October 2, 2015

Marion High School Paper - Patriot Expressions

Blade Show, Atlanta, GA June, 2012

Cody in Blade Magazine, August, 2013 issue (at bottom in black shirt):

Cody (in black Crawford Knives t-shirt holding Survival Staff ) and Mom at the 2012 Blade Show, front row table, selling - Cody outsold Mom like crazy.  He was very knowledgeable about our products and had many customers he looked forward to seeing over the years.

Cody, 11th Grade at WMCS

WMCS Senior Ring Ceremony  12/2/2011 - Justin Henson(10th grade) & Cody (11th grade)
*Cody picked Justin to present him with his Senior Ring*

Justin with Cody at WMCS wearing his new senior ring

Cody played Football for the WMCS Black
Knights 7th & 8th grade (taken in 2007) #61

Cody- 10th Grade Baseball (played
9th & 10th grade for WMCS Black Knights) #15

Cody on left with good friend John Tyler Goldy

Cody, Blade Show, Atlanta, GA 2009

Cody on left with best friend, Jonathan Bailey.
Taken at Grand Gulf State Park on the Missouri/Arkansas line.
Jonathan & Kelsey just had a baby boy on 12-31-12.
They named him William Cody Bailey & call him Cody
like we called Cody by his middle name.


Wes and Cody trout fishing on the Spring River, 2012

Cody and Dad at Lake Ouachita, Hot Springs, with a big one!

Cody and Christy practicing for bow season

Cody on Spring River

May, 2009


Cody, Grandma Aloma & Christy
Christmas 2010


Cody with his string of fish 

Wes, Mike Kane and Cody after duck hunt


Cody, Mom & Christy in Hot Springs, AR (Wes took the picture)


Cody and Dad with their deer

Grandpa, Cody, Christy, Susan & Linda, Christmas 2011

Cody was always happy, even when he was tiny

Cody was happy even under water in the pool at the hotel
at the Knifemaker's Guild Show in Florida

Our Sweet Boy - 1999

Cody on White River fishing with Dad

You would think this fish was bigger than Cody!

March, 2004

Cody making a knife

December, 2004 - Cody tying Flies for fishing-he made a lot of different ones

Cody with his cousin, Shea Powers

Cody fishing in Colorado, 2010

Christy & Cody at Myatt Creek in Hardy - 2012

Wes, Janie, Christy & Cody, Atlanta, 2012 (eating out after Blade Show)

Cody in the knife shop

Cody making a knife (wearing AC/DC hat & safety glasses)

Zane, Cody's half brother, Cody and Christy

Dalton Graham (Cody's close friend) and Cody
 after Duck Hunt (look at those smiles)

Wes, Cody and Dalton with ducks

Bailey Strieder (11), Hunter Bailey (5), Jonathan Bailey (10) and Cody (10)
with their 24 crappie and 2 bass (April 3, 2005)

Proud big brother Cody with baby Christy

Mom and Cody

Dad, Mom & Cody at close friend (David Hatch) wedding.

Cody with Christy, Christmas 2010

Cody with "Cousin Tra" Dickson

Cody advertising the Survival Staff for a newsletter

Taken in May, 2012

Grandpa and Cody at Knife Show

Grandpa, Wes & Cody at Knife Show - Cody's first airplane ride

Cody (left) and good friend Tyler Whatley at Riverside Races

Cody and Caitlyn on her horse, Jeeter, at
the CCSC Horse Show, Summer 2012

Cody and Caitlyn riding at the barn

Cody at Dove Hunt with Great Uncle Fred Austin and cousins
Vance and Jason Austin in Blytheville

Cody riding on Lucy at the barn
(our close friends' horse-Jerry, Jamie, KK & Little Jerry Kelley)

Cody and KK at the Horse Show, Summer 2012

Cody competing on Rudy at the CCSC Horse Show, Summer 2012

Cody, Christy & Heather (their cousin) in June, 2012

Cody (back, right) & Christy (front) with cousins
Morgan (front), Tra, Jonathan (above Christy) & Garrett (back)

The Candlelight Vigil for Cody was beautiful.

Many kids from the county parked their cars at West Memphis Christian School facing our house on S. Center and walked here with candles on the night of October 14, 2012.  Roses were left on the steps of our front door and a couple of caps.  Each one of them hugged Cody's mom then dad, crying along with us.  Wes told them to tell their parents they love them every day all day because that is what Cody always did.  We will never forget Cody's love.  So many people all miss Cody and love him.  We appreciate every way you all have honored Cody.


Senior Class of 2013

Cody's Senior Class with the Senior Quilt. Each senior had a square.



***Closer view of WMCS Class of 2013 Senior Quilt.  Cody's square is at the top with his truck, a duck call and deer.  Cody would be very honored to know donations to the school were made in his honor for the cherished quilt and it was given to him and put on his bed.

Cody's Senior Class of 2013 (and Christy)

Cody's WMCS Senior Class, April, 2013

This is the front and back of the gray color t-shirts (color for Cody's truck) the "Good Ole Boys" sold to raise money for Christy's Scholarship Fund.  Thank you Justin, Dalton, Jonathan, Eric, Andrew, Tyler, Chandler & Ty for selling these in Cody's honor to fulfill his wish of opening his own savings account for Christy's college fund.

The "Good Ole Boys" also sold two stickers in Cody's honor for the same cause
(bottom middle deer sticker and bottom right duck call sticker)

(Dalton Graham's truck tag coincidence)


Instagram post from Jay W. Seale (jayscout.870) on Oct. 14, 2013

To the kid who always had a smile on his face, thanks for making everyone's day better.  The total outdoorsman who loved being on the lake catching fish and in the woods deer hunting.  The one who drove his truck like he stole it and made sure you could hear his truck from one side of the county to the other.  And finally, to the kid who loved his family, and loved life itself, more than most people could in 2 lifetimes.  So, here's to you, Cody.  May each person remember you and do their best to live each day with the happiness and kindness that you did. There's not many people who can live such short lifetime, but still make a impact that lasts a lifetime.  #RideTheCurb  #loudpipessaveslives #crawfordknives

We Love & Miss You So Much, Cody

You Will NEVER Be Forgotten