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More photos of Cody Crawford

Cody in Colorado with Grandpa (2010)

Cody, Christy and Rudy riding at the barn

Cody with his horse, Rudy, in 2012, at Cotton's barn

Cody holding fish almost as big as Christy!

Cody took Mom, Christy and their bicycles to the park on Mother's Day

Cody and Christy with his truck

John Cody (left) and John Tyler during Homecoming Week at WMCS

Cody and KK at the CCSC Horse Show (2012)

Cody with his sweetheart KK at CCSC Horse Show taking a break

Time to compete-Rudy is doing well

Cody & Rudy competing in Western Pleasure (2012) waiting for results

Cody rebuilt the motor in his truck himself

Cody holding Christy just after she was born-he was 8 years old

Little Cody (left) with brother Zane-1996

Cody on trip to Florida with Grandpa

At McDonald's enjoying a Frappe

Cody was excited this one was in the yearbook!


Cody fishing on Spring River 2012
He had grown so much he was bigger than Wes
Christy was having a snack!

Wes, Cody & Christy in bass boat

Uncle Danny, Wes & Cody back from Lake Ouachita in Hot Springs

(from left) Zane, Christy, Janie & Cody
I call this picture "Mom with her 3 angels"

Cody and cousin Heather Harlow

Cody and a deer he got

Cody (far right) after dove hunt in Blytheville with Vance & son

Cody's truck at school one year after he passed
The students put sticky notes to him and us on it-they were comforting

We put the sticky notes from his truck in a frame
Christy was baptized this day (10-14-13) at school-WMC 5th grade (at Missouri Street Church of God)


***We have 17 photo albums with Cody pictured in them - I won't post them all.

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