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Here is a blast from the past, only a little fancier with lots of color.  Wes and Pat haven't made this model in a while but Wes was working on some knives getting ready for the California Show and decided he wanted to offer one of these to you first.  He won't make many of these so get it while you can.  It is about 8 1/4" long with a 3 1/2" blade.  This model has an Abalone handle with a Titanium Damascus bolster and a Chad Nichols Boomerang pattern Damascus blade.  It includes a file worked and anodized Titanium back spacer as well as Titanium, file worked and anodized liners.  The pocket clip is Titanium, anodized, file-worked and engine turned.  This is a reasonable  price for the amount of work that went into the knife. 

File-worked, anodized Titanium liners and file-worked, anodized Titanium back spacer help lighten this knife.

View of the file-worked, anodized liners from the bottom of this knife.

Chad Nichols Boomerang pattern stainless steel Damascus blade with blood groove in it.

Close-up view of the colorful Abalone handle with a nice Titanium Damascus bolster.

Close-up view of Titanium, anodized, file-worked and engine turned decorative pocket clip.

Fancy Titanium Damascus colorful bolster and decorative pivot pin.


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